Dashboard 1.6.6 crash while gathering logs

After upgrading to 1.6.6, it seems that invoking the log generator causes the Drobo Dashboard to crash after a first successful attempt.

I am running this on a Mac Pro (2009) running Leopard 10.5.8

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?


Yeah, I have 166 and it seems to crash in many ways - putting one Drobo into sleep, rebooting the Drobo,… the Drobo and its data are safe, just crap bad behavior from Dashboard.

Oh dear, wasnt 1.6.6 supposed to be the version which fixed all the bugs?!

Well, in my case the Drobo Dashboard does not crash…
…since it is the Drobo Dashboard 1.6.6 INSTALLER that crashes even before :frowning:
Tend to agree with Docchris, DRI software QA seems to be going south fast…
Which is especially worrying, since a RAID protecting against (rare) hardware failures is 100% vulnerable to its own software failures, potentially much more frequent if QA for Drobo firmware is the same as for Drobo Dashboard.
But at least, Mac and PC users will get the same treatment at the firmware level… :wink:

well i woudlnt be 100% sure of that, drobo does interact with the FS to some degree, so it could introduce a bug which screws up HFS and not NTFS

1.6.7 also crashes in the same way on my system.