Dashboard 1.6.1 And DroboPro

my current issue, is that when i open dashboard it shows me my volumes, like this:

Volume Used Space TotalSize

D: Data 300GB 4TB
Drobo - 1TB
T: TV 2.6TB 8TB

The problem is that its entirely wrong! (and missing a drive letter/volume name/used space)

my volumes really are:
Used Size
D: Data 300GB 1TB
M: Movies 5.2TB 8TB
T: TV 2.6TB 4TB

as you can see - its even got the volume sizes for the volumes it can name wrong

I’m decidedly concerned if it cant tell whats going on.

Incidentally all the volumes appear and work correctly to the OS, with correct names and sizes!

I’ve tried restarting the computer/dashboard/the drobopro - this is just what its seeing