Dashboard 1.5.1 and the disconnection issue

The last two weeks i had heavy load on drobo.
Everything was fine.

Then yesterday i upgraded to Dashboard 1.5.1
i did manage that …

then this afternoon my mac was sleeping
i woke him up and checked mails etc.
after five minutes (without touching the drobo)

it suddenly disconnected
i was la little upset but lazy to reboot

and finally after two minutes the drobo appeared again on desktop
this was the first time …

does the update help ?
is this a little “wonder” ?

hopefully these unexpected disconnections and resulting forced reboots are history now.

(Btw i still have firmware 1.3.0)

if this is a feature, lets hoe the speed issue (FW800) will be solved soon as well.


I would suggest updating your firmware to 1.3.3.

Thanks for suggestion

but why ??

as you see in my signature i use a Mac and Firewire

but the update is

but anyway. I did the update - manually. Total procedure approx one minute.

now lets see whats going …


v1.3.1 improved connectivity with USB and FW.
You were on v1.3.0.

v1.3.3 includes v1.3.1.

Thanks a lot

i really do have missed some intermediate release notes.

Because i waited for drobo telling me to update.

So you propose to check manually the drobo/news&updates website on a regular basis?

Good to know.

Yes I would recommend regularly check the website.

I am on 1.5.1 with firmware 1.3.0.

When I check for updates it says I have the lastest versions of Drobo Dashboard and Drobo Firmware.

I am reading at the beginning of this thread there is a 1.3.3 Firmware.

Where is it?
Why have an update feature if it doesn’t detect updates?


PowerMac G5, OS 10.5.8, Drobo connected via FW800

Firmware already @ 1.3.4, I just upgrade manually from 1.3.0. Automatic Update does not work.


didnt know why autoupdate does not work

check here http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php

youre right (i was too late)

but as you can see
they made the update within the last 2 hours


The autoupdates is not working because they aren’t autoupdates.

These are manual releases showing on the website.

Thanks JoeWa for the link… For some reason all I could find is the Documentation on the Firmware and not the actual download.

I guess I’m going to be a beta tester for the 1.3.4 firemware now… I am not a big fan of updating anything right away… especially on the release date of an update… hehe…

Can you please explain why they aren’t autoupdates?

Yeah, what’s the deal with the auto update, it’s not working at all :frowning: