Dashboad Update 3.4.2 seems problematic


My DROBO indicated there was an update to the Dashboard. I downloaded version 3.4.2 and it couldn’t install but gave me a weird message:

The document “Drobo_Dashboard_Installer_3.4.2_109477.pkg” could not be opened. eSellHijack1.0b7Installer cannot open files in the “Installer package” format.

Can anyone advise me on this one, please?


I am having a similar issue with this update. I get an error message "this installer requires admin privileges to run.

I am the admin and it has never asked for this before so I am not sure what to do. The firmware update worked without a hitch. It is a year old iMac with lots of RAM and all OS up to date.


Hi, equally mine is a year old iMac with 64Gb of RAM. I noticed 1) that this is a beta update and 2) there was mention (in the updater winndow) of apps like KCN. I’ve never seen this sort of thing before so am a bit wary about the update. I’ve decided to give it a miss and hope that DROBO will investigate and / or release a non-beta update soon.


So here is something that worked for me just now. Right mouse click on the installer app to open package contents. In the contents will be the installer app. When I double clicked on it. it installed the dashboard no questions asked. Hope this works for you.


Hi again.

Thanks very much - worked fine for me too.

Regards, Richard