Dash not seeing drobos after installing globalSAN iSCSI Initiator OS 10.6.4

I have a Mac Pro tower 10.6.4 Server/ 2x Drobo 5s on Sonnet eSATA/… I installed some GlobalSAN iSCSI SAN drivers onto this server for access to a separate storage system, and ever since, the Drobo Dash won’t see the Drobo’s… So the Drobo’s are mounted but no Dash manage support… Any suggestions on how to quickly resolve this? I have uninstalled the Global SAN initiators with no success in restoring the Dash functions… I have uninstalled and reinstalled Drobo Dashboard too Thanks in advance!

im not sure about that, but maybe if you have time machine backups, there might be a way for you to see if any other files were modified by the san drivers that could be affecting this?[hr]
also, have you rebooted the whole mac and drobo since then? (because on windows at least, some drivers are not fully removed until the next reboot)