Dash 2.0.3 not recognizing Admin Login

Oi gevalt, this frigging crap Dashboard is KILLING me over here…
The “upgrade” to 2.0.3 didn’t work at all on my old Vista box; dashboard refused to recognize my FS, made it impossible to me to manage shares, use DroboCopy, etc.
I’ve just built a Win7 x64 box, and am installing the Dashboard on that, and surprise, surprise, it’s broken too! Nice! It’ll recognize my FS now, but it won’t let me log in as an Administrator. I click on “Login”, enter my correct username and password, DD accepts it, but won’t give me access to any of the Settings or Tools… I can set up DroboCopy tasks, get it to spit out a Diagnostic log and enter my email alert settings, but that’s it. To top it all off, when I navigate away from the area where I’ve “logged in”, it forgets my info… ie. if I login on the “Shares” pane, navigate to the “Drobo Copy” pane, then back to the “Shares” pane, it wants me to login again. Seriously, BRUTAL.
Any suggestions? Is there a way to reset things without affecting my data? Maybe a ridiculous workaround I can use to properly access my Admin account?

Arg. Never in a million years will I buy another DRI product.

Does an older Dashboard version work?

I’ve been told by Drobo tech support that in order to use an earlier version of Dashboard, I’ll have to rollback the firmware on my FS; in order to be safe, I have to make a full backup of everything in case anything goes horribly wrong. rolls eyes Seriously? I have to burn a day making a full backup of the device I’m using to make backups in order to roll the fw/sw back to a version that aren’t totally broken…? Good lord, why didn’t I just build a WHS…

It’s probably because the older Dashboard doesn’t recognize the newer firmware or its functions.

To be honest, you should always have a backup of your backup.

I’ve been running WHS (first v1, now 2011) for a while, but I don’t have an FS model.

Case-in-point, somehow, and I’m not going to point fingers because I truly don’t know how it happened, somewhere between my last WHS v1 backup, my upgrade to WHS 2011, and starting to use Drive Bender, I lost a bunch of files - I just didn’t notice for a while. (It’s been 4 months)

When I finally noticed, I looked at my backup - not there. I looked at my previous backup - not there. I ended up having to go back to my last WHS v1 backup from 4 months ago to find them. Luckily they’re static files (pictures), but still… if I didn’t have multiple backups they’d be completely gone.

So, everything encounters problems, backups are a good thing… and firmware updates aren’t always a good thing.
I generally wait at least a month before I do a firmware update on my Drobos, unless the update has some fix I absolutely need.

For sure, and I’ve got my important files backed up on external USB drives, but the fact still remains that I should really have to find a way to dump 5TB of files onto some sort of temporary external storage so that I can reset my Drobo & downgrade to an older FW/SW combination just to get the $600 piece of equipment (not incl. HDDs) to perform the most basic of functions…

Do you have to reset the unit to downgrade the firmware? From your earlier message it sounded like it was just a general support warning, similar to when you flash firmware on anything.


I have the same issue, just bought a new Drobo FS, installed the dashboard on a windows XP machine. It came with 1.1.1 firmware and v1.x dashboard. After running through the hardware setup i.e. installing the disks, I ran through the dashboard install changing the Admin pwd etc, also added a pwd for the drobo. After restarting the drobo and launching the dashboard, the Admin account would not unlock the Settings. I did a factory reset, ran through the process again created a new Admin user and same problem, so I downloaded the dashboard 2.0.3 , did another factory reset, this time only setting up the Admin account - I guess no need to restart. Initially I thought this had solved the problem as the settings were available, I created some shares, created a user to access the shares, started loading up the shares with data. Then for whatever reason I restarted the drobo (safely) and low and behold no access to settings again.

Now I am stuck with what to do next, because looking at this post - a firmware update might not be the way forward, maybe it is, but it doesn’t look like this problem is common enough that anyone knows whats causing it. I am waiting for support to come back to me with their take on it and hopefully a solution. I’d be grateful if anyone else out there has some advice on this.