Daisy Chaining Pro's

I have 1 Drobo Pro connected with FireWire 800 to a Mac mini. When I measure the speed of that drive, I’m getting 55MB/s throughput. On the daisy-chained Drobo, I’m only getting 23MB/s throughput.

Is this a Drobo issue or an OS issue?

23 MB/sec from the Drobo sounds in-line with normal performance.

How do I get abnormal performance from it then? :slight_smile: I really like the fast one…

Could be a FW bus issue.

So, it’s a Pro and Drobo daisy chained or 2 Pro’s chained?

Yeah, what Jennifer asked. :slight_smile:

Also, remember that Firewire is a repeater-based technology, and the bus will “throttle down” to the fastest speed of the slowest component.

I’d check the speed of each Drobo individually, then check again daisy-chained.

2 x Drobo Pro. Customer is now 208 miles away, so I can’t test until I get some more Pro’s.