Daisy chaining DroboPros

Anyone know what the limit is on daisychaining DroboPros? Thinking of building a Mac Mini server with 4 of them connected via FW800 as a whole house AV system. Rather do this no-fuss vs. a traditional rackmount server.

there is no practical limit on daisychaining drobopros as opposed to any other firewire device - so 63 - to answer your question

i dont know how drobo dashboard would cope addressing that many or updating that many, but they will work fine without dashboard running so you could just use dashboard for configuration and setup of them individually.

Thanks. If I go used Xserve rather than a Mac Mini I get two FW800 ports, which will probably play nicer in the long run with two DroboPros on each.

I’ve chained 4 or 5 to a MacBook Pro and 5 seems to be problematic.

I certainly wouldn’t go with any chain longer than that (if you don’t want drives randomly disconnection/unmounting).

you could always get a cheap FW hub which i suspect would be more reliable (and possibly easier to manage)

Which drobo’s do not work with hubs. You will experience connectivity issues.

Firewire is much like SCSI, so FW hubs are odd animals (I have one) as things are meant to daisy-chain.

I once daisy-chained 8 FW-PATA bridges and they’d randomly disconnect. It was bad news.

Also, when the devices were daisy-chained, their IDs would constantly change (fine for hard drives, not good for devices that don’t retain their IDs - like CD/DVD drives).

I also have a FW hub. Didn’t help.

My new rule is not to connect more than two FW devices to the same FW bus. Things worked fine when I had devices on separate FW buses.

How many Drobos do you plan to connect?

He said 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

my 7 port belkin hub always worked flawlessly for me

Dang, my vision must be going… or I’m becoming aliterate. :frowning:

I had this Belkin hub. Worked fine for iSights and stuff, but it got weirded out when I put the bunch of FW-IDE bridges on it.

Might’ve been the bridges… might’ve been XP… don’t know for certain, all I do know is that it’d work great for a day or two, then the drives would drop off.

EDIT: Apparently I can’t spell either… sigh

i had this one


(cant find the model number for it)

i had three external 160/250gb drives (which given the date i guess must have been using FW-IDE bridges) and also a dvd writer (1x - and you had better hope the buffer didnt run out!)

never had even the tiniest problem :slight_smile:

Oooh, that’s a snappy one!

Given varase’s post, sounds like tazplex will be OK with the 4, but trying to go to 5 will cause issues. But at that point there should still be a few USB ports free in the interim.

would connecting all the drobos to a gigabit ethernet hub be better than chaining them via fw?

Better in what sense?

faster or be able to be accessed by more than one computer if you connect the drobo to a network.

on iscsi it only supports one computer connecting to it - you would have to have 1 computer connect to it - then share those drives with your network via the computer

and i dont think you would notice much of a speed difference.

iSCSI is faster than FW800. But either connection only allows 1 host computer to connect to it.