Daisy Chain 3 Drobos

I have a Drobo Mini, Drobo 5D and a Drobo 3rd Generation. All are connected to my Mac Pro 3.1 (2008) via USB 3.0. The Mac is too old for 3.0 so I installed a CalDigi USB 3 card. But it has only 2 ports so I connect all 3 Drobo to an Anker USB 3 Hub.
I see, that there are 2 Thunderbold ports on each Drobo.
Therefore my question: if I link all Drobo via Thunderbold cable and on the last one I use a USB 3.0 cable to connect to the CalDigi Card. Would that work?
If so, what kind of Thunderbold Cable would I need to get?
I see, that on the new Mac Book Pro, the port looks already different.

Also my other question: presuming it works, would I get a faster speed?
Ihave mostly 5k and 4k footage and running it off those drobo is a stop and go…

Many thanks in advance