D810N File Index is slow to access

I just setup a D810n with 2 x 512gb samsung ssd 850’s and 6 x wd 8tb red drives.
I have 35tb of space and 325gb of hot cache.
We have a large number of folders with a large number of photos saved in them.
11.6m to be exact and growing daily.
The data only takes up 1.6tb of space.

The problem I am having is when accessing the windows share, it is very slow indexing at first. As in when I open one of the main folders with 2000 sub folders, it takes 15 to 30 seconds to populate all of the folders.

I am wondering if the ssd cache is actually slowing this down or if it is a FS limitation?

Thanks in Advance!

hi, i have only used the directly attached das (usb) models, but in case you have only just encountered the problem, i would probably try to give it a few days of using it as you normally would, just to see how things go, because it may just be the ssds optimising.

do you have any active (or pre-emptive/aggressing) antivirus configured? (for example some tools will only scan files you access, and files of a certain type or risk, though some configurations will try to scan each and every file in advance)

can i check how you are accessing the windows share folder? for example:
a) is it just a basic windows explorer window (with folders on the left and text details on the right?)
b) or is the viewing mode using thumbnails mode or something which is actively generating small thumbnails?
c) does the main root path / folder actually contain lots of files in 1 folder? (i have had slowdows or windows crashes in general, when i forgot and had thumbnails on, for a folder that had thousands or tens of thousands of tiny icon sized-graphics for a game) :slight_smile: