Cycling lights

Drobo Dashboard: 2.8.1
Drobo 5N, with accelerator card

Lights are cycling in what seems to be a 2min pattern.

  • All drive lights yellow
  • Power button goes green, yellow
  • Drive lights turn off
  • Capacity lights do a dance
  • All lights off
  • All lights on, power yellow
  • All drive lights yellow, capacity lights all on
  • Capacity lights off
  • Power light yellow
  • Drive lights off
  • Power light green, capacity lights dance
  • All lights off
  • All lights on, drive lights yellow
  • Power light off
  • All lights off
  • All lights on, drive lights yellow
  • Power light off
  • Capacity lights off
  • Repeat

Tried restarting drobo, but gets into same state.
Last successful backup to that drive was yesterday afternoon.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Sounds like it’s rebooting over and over. Could it be a loose power connection?

hi dpup, once you can check the power cable as dragon mentions, can you also see if dashboard mentions anything about the drobo or drives when that “light dance” is happening?

also can you still access your data while this happens, of does the computer lose access as well?

if the problem still happens, you might be able to try putting the drobo into readonly mode to see if it helps to stabalise things a bit?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Was expecting notifications. (PEBKAC)

The power cable seems fine. When it’s un this state drobo dashboard can’t see the drobo and I can’t mount the drive.

Going to try readonly mode. thanks.

Ok, that seemed to shake it back into a reasonable state. Now able to boot it and backups are back to normal. Thanks!

ok thats great dpup.
(am assuming you took it back out of readonly mode) :slight_smile: