CrystalDiskMark read write extremely low

I just ran a test with CrystalDisk.
1 run, 1000MB test file.
Multiple runs it drops everything below 1MB/s.

(All in MB/s)

Read 9.4
Write 11.19

Read 5.89
Write 9.71

Read 0.28
Write 0.82

4K QD32
Read 0.31
Write 0.98

Seems to me that either Crystal is not showing exact speeds or that 4K (I have an WD EARS disk inside capable of 4K) has to be for all disks.
Either way, this is really disappointing or am I missing something?

Very odd results - when performing large sustained copies I routinely get 40MB/sec read and 25MB/sec write. Performance falls off drastically for small files, but that’s the nature of any traditional hard disk (and even a lot of solid state drives).

What kind of performance do you get when just copying files normally?

5 MB/s with a media file ±500MB.
What strikes me as odd is that write is much faster than read lmao.