Cross-compiling for legacy hardware (5N)

I have a Drobo5N. At this point, it’s considered legacy hardware. I’m attempting to install a cross-compiler so that I can build apps for the 5N. All the online resources I’ve found are woefully outdated and none of the links to requisite resources work, e.g. GNUToolchain, copy.com, etc. The Drobo website makes reference to “… Drobo Software Development Kit (SDK), which is available for download exclusively from Drobo Forums.” … but … where are these forums?

All I want to do is build and install a modern version of VIM on my Drobo; vi 1.25 is killing me.
I don’t know if it matters but I’m using Linux.

I have no knowledge of coding or SDKs but I have found a couple sites which may be of help to you.


I’ve found some very helpful information on those sites over the last few years I’ve owned my 5N.

Hope this helps.


I’ve been to that site. All the information predates the 5N. Additionally, all the external links are broken. When you go to “Guides” and choose “Setup a Cross-Compile Environment …” you’re taken to a page that looks helpful but again, all the external links are broken.

Hi @wm_fry

Here is a link to the SDK:

I’ve had better luck following instructions from www.droboports.com. Here is his Github link:
Setting up a VM · droboports/droboports.github.io Wiki · GitHub

I was able to compile a newer version of Transmissionbt some time ago, but I lost my VM some time ago and it is complicated to figure out all the dependencies since the instructions are based on an OS that is 7 years old at this point.

I’d love to know if you have some luck compiling your apps. Good luck!



@wm_fry I was able to set up a new cross-compiling VM with the SDK.

I’ve been able to successfully compile a new version of TransmissionBT. If you need some help compiling apps from source, let me know.