Cross-compiling for DroboFS

Hi everyone,

I have been having fun with a DroboFS by cross-compiling a bunch of stuff using a Virtual Machine to do the compiling.

So far I have been able to compile:

In other words, I have a full featured wget (with https support), rtorrent and GNU screen to run it on a detached session, and I backup my Gmail account using fetchmail.

Some of these have been quite a pain in the neck, requiring some doctoring of configure files and not-for-the-faint-of-heart command-line voodoo. But they are feasible with a little patience and attention to details.

Next on my list are:
[]openssh (sshfs here we come!)
]midnight commander
]dropbox (don’t get your hopes up too much though)

My question is: is it ok for me to post this info here? Am I violating some kind of forum rules?

So far my efforts have been pretty much down to the bare metal, i.e., I have not bothered packaging stuff in nice DroboApps and so on. Basically, I get it to compile, copy it over to the DroboFS in a specific folder and let it run. As you can imagine, the usual disclaimers would apply.

Ideally, someone with a bit more knowledge of the DroboApp environment could get those apps properly packed for distribution, but for now the plan would be only to tell people the recipe to get things compiled.

You are welcome to post your ported apps here.

fyi, i was looking into dropbox last week and the daemon for ARM has not been released yet. there have been a lot of posts in the dropbox forums about it and they have it working internally but it’s not out for the public yet. Since it’s closed source, we have to wait for them to release it.

@Mark: Thanks for the answer. I’ll start posting the HOWTOs as soon as I can.

@j_hah: yeah, I have been following dropbox’s forums for a while now, this is why I mentioned about not getting any hopes up.

In fact, I was trying to make my way through the available source code (https://www.dropbox.com/downloading?os=lnx) for linux to see if I could get the daemon out of that. From a quick look at it, it seems that there is a client in there, but it is dependent on the presence of nautilus.

My plan was to remove the nautilus dependence, then compile a simple client, even if it was not a daemon. With that available, we would be a cron job away from a “daemon”.

That dropbox code is for the plugins only and does not include the daemon. The “client” is not in terms of “client/server” and is essentially just the GUI that still requires the closed-source daemon. Take a look at http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=23399&replies=6#post-147125 or just use the “ARM” tag (http://forums.dropbox.com/tags.php?tag=arm) because I tagged everything I read last week with it.

I don’t read those forums often so if you see the dropbox for ARM get released, post a note here. If/when they release the version for ARM, I want to create a drobo app wrapper for it.

Ricardo, I would be very interested in getting your curl library if you could post it somewhere…thanks!

I got caught in a bit of a deadline on my job, so this may take a while, but I’m going to publish a “how to” compile curl very soon. Watch the developers forum for more info.


The compilation guide for cURL is here. Keep in mind that if you want it to support HTTPS you have to compile openssl first.