Cross Compiled Apps for DFS: iperf, tcpdump, iozone

I’ve compiled a few applications that might help some people in benchmarking their droboFS and uncovering network performance issues. tcpdump was statically built in order to eliminate the need for a complicated install or dependencies. iperf and iozone don’t require external libraries beyond the standard ones available on the DroboFS by default.

I’ve tested each of these on my DroboFS but, for obvious reasons, I haven’t tried it on any other DFS.

iperf: This is a network testing tool that generates either UDP or TCP traffic to/from installed locations. A windows version of iperf is available in the jperf package in the bin directory.

tcpdump: This is a network packet capture tool used to discover what is happening in a tcp connection on a packet by packet basis. Use the raw file output with tcptrace to plot various tcp metrics (timestamps, window size, outstanding packets, retransmits, SACKs, OOPs and so forth).

iozone: This is a disk benchmarking tool that I know almost nothing about. Sorry for the lack of information.

Hopefully these might be of some use to people. We use tcpdump, tcptrace, and iperf extensively at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.


Nice! I already had compiled iozone, but you beat me to it.

Anyway, the benchmark is running on my FS, but it takes a few hours to complete. I will post something when I get the results.

Once I figured out what I need to do to build tcpdump iozone seemed easy. The problem is that I have no idea how to use it so hopefully you’ll be able to figure out what the results me. If you could give some suggested tests I can give them a go on my box and we can compare results. I’m assuming they’ll be close but anytime you can make n>1 you probably should.