Cross-Compile OpenSSH?

Has anyone successfully done this yet for the Drobo FS? To put it nicely, the dropbear ssh server currently offered sucks.

Exactly what useful purpose does SSH serve to most people if SCP doesn’t work? This strikes me as silliness.

Unfortunately, I am not very well versed in cross-compiling. I would guess that there are others here that are, but a simple search did not seem to reveal any others who have tried this yet.

Any word on this?

Hi Omicron,
just for info… do you have a particular objective in mind that you would like to be able to do via some app/feature?
that might help set the scene and people might be able to help bearing in mind what you are trying to achieve etc.

check this out: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1926

The discussion is open…