Creating DataStore vSphere esx 4.0 in Drobo 1200i

We are trying to create a new datastore in the Drobo b1200i using vSphere esx 4.0 to host the virtual machines.

We have absolutely no problem doing this with vSphere 5.5 but in the 4.0 we are not able to do so.

vSphere is able to Discover the LUNS but when we goto create the Data Store it does not discover the LUNS. In the configuration of the ¨storage adaptors¨, ¨static discovery¨ it allows us to see the LUNS. When we goto ¨storage¨, ¨add storage¨it does not recognize anything.

We have read the How To Guide and followed the directions but are having no luck.

Does anyone have any recomendations?