Creating and accessing a share

This seems like a total noob question but I am having a hard time finding the answer.
Does each client access the Drobo (a B800fs) need to be running Drobo Dashboard? What I need is a device which will create network shares that show up as volumes on a Windows network. I’d really like them to be formatted NTFS so Windows 7 users can backup directly to the share. I really don’t want to have to install and maintain a new piece of software on every machine on the network just to access network shares.
This company’s network has two Terastations on the network and those volumes are network shares like most other. They aren’t formatted NTFS which causes me trouble and I was hoping the Drobo would give me a better solution.

i only use the DAS models myself, but as far as i remember, the main admin can use the dashboard to set up the shares, so that clients can use it. (i dont remember each client requiring dashboard to access it - but please hang on for someone else to chime in too) :slight_smile:

No need for the Dashboard on every PC.

thanks Zbig