Created multiple volumes only want 1

So first I put 2 x 1.5 TB HDDs in my Drobo, than i moved my entire iTunes folder onto that, taking up about 1.4 TB’s. So when drobo wanted me to put in a new drive i added the 1.5 HDD that the iTunes folder was on to start with (that drive was in a RAID 1 with another identical 1.5 drive.

So after i inserted the new 1.5 TB drive Drobo created an entire new volume. I just wanted that drive to add space to the current volume, Is there a way I can remove the unwanted volume and use that space in my orginial volume.

I don’t really have the means to purchase a new 1.5 drive to backup what is currently on my Drobo volume, so deleting the iTunes folder is not really an option.

Thanks in advance!

If your available data space exceeds your current volume size, in order to increase your volume size you will need to migrate the data off of the drobo and reformat for a larger volume size.

It’s ok to have 2 volumes on your computer.