Create share with quota

I use a DVR application that can consume a lot of disk space, so I’d like to limit its storage to a fixed quota (300 GB, maybe).

If I create a Time Machine-enabled share of the desired size and use it for the DVR application rather than Time Machine, will things work fine? Any downside to creating a Time Machine share for non-Time Machine usage? Will the quota actually be enforced in this scenario?

I can report that the Time Machine-enabled share that I created seems to work fine with the video files being stored on it, so far. I read something that says the share will be AFP-only (not SMB), but I’m only using AFP anyway, so that’s fine.

However: I told Drobo Dashboard to limit the size to 300 GiB, and, after putting 165 GB on the share, OS X still reports 322 GB (that is, 300 GiB) available. I haven’t tried reaching the max yet, but it appears Drobo may only be counting real Time Machine data towards the 300 GiB limit.

this is breakthrough in Storage System, Amazing!!!