Crashplan update to 4.3.0 process for "humans"

I figured I’d put something together the upgrade to CrashPlan 4.3.0 again out here as it seems to have sparked some great discussions and tips on this elusive Drobo application. Piecing things from other posts and @Ricardo’s posting, here is what worked for me:

[]Confirmed crashplan application was stopped via the drobo dashboard (It already was because the version was out of date)
]Moved out the backupArchives to the root of the DroboApps folder via the GUI.
[]Deleted the crashplan folder under DroboApps via the GUI
]Copied over the crashplan.tgz (v4.3.0) that was downloaded from github via the GUI
[]Restarted the drobo via the Drobo Dashboard
]After restarting I verified the Crashplan application was running by checking in the Drobo Dashboard
[]Edited the and .ui_info files per ricardo’s instructions on his github page
]Closed the Crashplan application/background service on my local machine
[]Opened the Crashplan application and seeing I edited the and .ui_info file, it auto-connected me to the Drobo. I had to enter in my CrashPlan account info and then I confirmed things were still in-tact!
]Finally, I manually SSH’d into the drobo and moved the different backupArchives from where I moved them in step 2 (/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/backupArchives) to /mnt/DroboFS/System/crashplan/backupArchives. I am not sure if that was needed, but I figured I’d save having the local machines re-backup to theDrobo on my LAN.

I hope someone else finds this helpful in their 4.3.0 upgrade venture.

Step 10 is needed because you moved the folder out of the way in step 2. If you just drop 4.3.0 in the DroboApps share and upgrade in place, the relocation of the backup files will be done automatically for you.