Crashplan Issues

After running Crashplan for nearly a year on my 5N backing up to their cloud servers, I recently began having problems where after I would add new files or folders, but the changes weren’t detected, or if they were detected the files were not uploaded to Crashplan. I saw nothing unusual in the logs, and I tried every tweak I could find within these forums. Sometimes the app would simply stop, or the head-end on my local PC would disconnect for no reason. Removing and re-installing Crashplan (and it’s dependent apps) didn’t help either.

I decided to install Crashplan on my HTPC (which runs 24/7 anyways) and adopt the current 5N backups. By using the MKLINK command I was able to point to the existing networked folders. The initial scan picked up on the newer files right away, but time will tell if everything backs up as designed.

My first year on Crashplan is nearly over, but if I keep having software issues like this I don’t see the need to renew my subscription.