Crashplan - inbound backup speed

Just curious: I’m running successfully Crashplan (3.6.3) on my Drobo and my Mac gets backed up with Crashplan to the drobo (just the /user folders).

Question: What crashplan settings do you guys have both on your Drobo and on your local machines.
What kind of backup speeds do you see?

My Crashplan is running with barely more than 3MB/s on the local network. Normally I get past 80 MB/s against the Drobo on AFP. Is Crashplan slowing it down that much? Are there any settings I could change?

Thanks for any tips.

I’m going to reply myself… :slight_smile:
Make sure that in Crashplan on both sides (Drobo and PC/MAC) the settings for CPU are at least at 90 percent. Then tweak also things like compression and de-duplication - and voilà…

well done for finding out a solution :slight_smile:
and well done for posting about it too :smiley: