Crashplan freezes Drobo Gen2 connected via FW800, huge sync problems

Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this in. I have a Gen2 hooked up to my Mac (running 10.10.1) via FW800 and have been having huge problems with Crashplan.

It seems to work fine most of the day, but usually sometime during the night, the Drobo completely freezes and becomes inaccessible via the Finder or Drobo Dashboard. I eventually have to do a hard reboot (i.e. pull the power) to bring it back. Of course this is screwing with the Crashplan backup since, I assume, Crashplan thinks those files have been deleted so it shows them as no longer being ‘active’ (the files still show as backed up on their servers as previous versions) but then it starts from scratch once I’ve reset the Drobo in the morning.

Is there some process the Drobo is running in the wee hours of the night that conflict with Crashplan’s than anyone knows about? There’s another thread that seems to touch on this perhaps, but it’s a bit out of my wheelhouse and goes over my head. (Thread is here: )

I’ve read that there’s a Drobo App for Crashplan, but since Gen2 is so old and needs an older version of Dashboard (2.5.2) it doesn’t support apps.

I’m hoping there’s a solution since this was really the main reason I signed up for Crashplan but wow, this has been problematic so far, haha.