Crashplan backup problem

It appears my drobo 5N is backing up through my mac pro, but only when the mac pro is on. Shouldn’t it be backing up when the drobo is on and the desktop is off?

My drobo is connected by ethernet to a time capsule which is connected to my broadband router. Mac Pro also connected by ethernet to the TC. When I open the Crashplan interface on the mac pro I see as destinations: CrashPlan Central, and Drobo5N. The CrashPlan central backup is running fine, so long as the mac pro is on. The Drobo 5N destination reads “Destination unavailable-Backup location is not accessible.” I am able to select the files I want to backup that are on the drobo.

So, my concern…Isn’t the 5N supposed to back up to CrashPlan with out having my computer on as well? The main reason I bought it was to do this in the background so the energy hog mac pro wouldn’t need to run all the time.

I appreciate any help I can get here. Below are some screen grabs. Also, I follow Katie Floyd’s instructions to install and CP appears to be installed correctly.

Working on another issue, I installed SSH to the drobo apps share and restarted. Now dropbear is not running and my CP upload has stopped and the drobo “computer/destination” has gone grey instead of green:

For starters, openssh and dropbear are mutually exclusive. You can have either one or the other. They both perform the same functions, although openssh does some things better.

Crashplan is supposed to run without a desktop machine. That is how mine works. Check on the Crashplan website to see whether the 5N is still backing up.


Its not clear WHAT you are trying to backup, or WHERE to.

If you are using crashplan ON your mac and selecting files ON your drobo to backup to crashplan central, then you are instructing your Mac to do the backingup of your drobo’s files to crashplan central, which is not what you want.

you can see under “my computers” in your screenshot you haven’t instructed your drobo to backup any files at all- it says 0MB, 100% complete

Crashplan is in two parts - the client (the interface that you use to configure it) and the Service (which does the backing up)

you can use the client on your mac to configure either the service on your mac, or the service on your drobo. if you want drobo to do the backup, you need to configure the service on your drobo

At the moment it looks like you are using the client AND service on your MAC

You need to edit the crashplan config file so that the desktop client connects to the backup engine ON drobo

Once the engine is running, you can manage it by installing CrashPlan on another computer, and editing the file conf/ on that computer so that this line:
is uncommented (by removing the hash symbol) and set to the IP address of your NAS, e.g.:

Then the client will be configuring Drobo’s backup engine, and you can select the file you want your Drobo to backup

(dont forget to change the client to point back to your’s backup service afterwards)

I may have to go back to the beginning and try again. I was running crashplan on my desktop prior to attempting to add the 5N to the workflow. Maybe that caused me some issues.
The files in the screenshot that says they are backing up from the MacPro, actually reside on the 5N, which is a big part of my confusion. I imagine this is remedied by the instructions you left me.
I am going to go back and start over from scratch and try over again. I will be back!
Thank you for the help

One thing I should clarify. Maybe I’ve completely misunderstood (or been mislead by marketing and a phone conversation). Please tell me, is it correct or not that my 5N will back up to the online crashplan backup service while my desktop mac where I run the dashboard, and I used to set up crashplan, is off? The 5N is connected via ethernet to my router. My computer is off. 5N is on. Am I able to backup to CP? I fear I’m running in circles. I was trying to avoid having my power hog MacPro on all the time by using a NAS. Did this noob misunderstand it’s capabilities?

Thank you.

CrashPlan on the 5N can automatically backup files on the 5N by itself, without the help of any external machines.

However, to configure the backup (i.e., chose which files on the 5N will be back, and where) you need a desktop machine will will connect to the 5N.

In other words:

  1. Install CrashPlan on the 5N.
  2. Either install OpenSSH on the 5N, or configure CrashPlan on the 5N to accept remote connections.
  3. Install CrashPlan on the desktop machine.
  4. If you are going the SSH route, then establish a connection form your desktop machine to the 5N.
  5. Change the configuration of the CrashPlan graphical interface on the desktop to connect to the 5N, either via SSH tunnel or directly.
  6. Configure the CrashPlan server running on the 5N using the CrashPlan graphical interface on your desktop machine.
  7. Done! Once configured, your CrashPlan server on the 5N will chug along without any further need for interaction.

In fact, since you can get weekly reports directly from CrashPlan via email, you’ll probably never need to connect to the 5N directly again.

I have been able to get everything setup, except that I’m getting a “Backup disabled - backup location is not accessible” message on the computers I’m trying to backup. I also see this when setting up Crashplan UI to point to the remote machine (Drobo FS). This seems like a permissions thing, since the Drobo can backup to other computers; however, I’m able to create folders in the directory where backups will be stored (/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/crashplan/app/backupArchives) when I do it manually from another machine or from the command line when I SSH into the drobo.

Has anyone had similar issues or have any suggestions?

FYI: I think I fixed the problem that was preventing CrashPlan from starting. Please re-download 4.2.0 for your Drobo from

I’ve the same problem. The Drobo 5N that is attached to the network is not working as a backup destination. In the backup interface, “backup location is not accessible” is the error for the Drobo 5N target. I am running Crashplan on the Drobo as headless. I’ve followed the instructions to set it up using the ui_info and files, and can connect fine. When I select it as a destination, it identifies that it exists with a green orb, but cannot backup to it.

Please keep in mind that Crashplan unilaterally broke their client on all ARM devices (i.e., not only Drobo but also Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, etc), and that may lead to connection problems with desktop machines.

See this post for more information: