Crashing Finder after 10.15.6 update

I have an iMac Pro '17, and a Drobo 5D. Both with the latest firmware and software updates. I updated my Mac to 10.15.6 and now the Finder crashes on the first click after login and the computer is unusable. Turn the Drobo off, everything returns to normal.

I received the warning dialogue box about contacting the developer (Drobo) in the NEXT iteration of the Mac OS, to make their software (Drobo Dashboard) compatible, but it seems this update also kills the machine completely.

I’m a former pro photographer and I’m in my archives daily, not to mention my Time Machine backup is now halted.

Drobo - you need to keep up with Apple on current OS releases. Please fix this ASAP!!!

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I have a iMac Pro 2017 10.15.6 with 2 Drobo 5D3’s, firmware 4.1.4. So far they are working fine.
However I have revcieved that message about compatibility, at some point I think Apple’s APFS is going be a problem for DROBO, maybe it is starting to be?
Maybe DROBO has already addressed it I don’t know?
Maybe they can jump in here and update us on progress?

I used Catalina until about a month ago. My 5D3 was updated to the latest firmware and latest Dashboard and had no warning that Dashboard or it’s components were 32bit. Did you run a System Report and it showed Dashboard as being 32bit? The free app etreCheck will also list 32bit apps. Sounds like something else is going go.

It should work fine under Catalina. Sounds like something in the install went wrong. Try running the Apple 10.15.6 combo update.

It worked fine under Catalina 10.15.5, it doesn’t with 10.15.6. Nothing went wrong with the install of my OS, it’s working fine. When the Drobo is shut off, all is good.

I got it to connect briefly now after fully uninstalling the Drobo Dashboard and reinstalling it, but now it keeps ejecting the disk. It won’t stay connected and performance is horrible.

Did you try the Combo Update?

Jeff Donald

The combo update is the full system upgrade. When you just upgrade from one version to another ie 10.15.5 to 10.15.6, it only replaces the essential files that changed. This in some rare instance will cause future errors. The combo update will in many instances fix update errors.It certainly won’t hurt anything, other than the time to download and do the combo update. It could fix your issues.

Did you see my update post here?

Hi Jeff - I’m just seeing this now, thank you. I’ve been tied up with work…

I tried the Combo / Cumulative update, which was basically a re-installation of the update I initially performed, to no avail.

Upon doing my own search for Drobo related files nested deep in the OS, I did find the Kext file (which I can’t delete) the plist and a few randoms that I killed. I’ll try etreCheck and the steps you performed, at this point - I have nothing to lose. Thanks for your suggestions. Appreciate it.