COVID19 Emergency: Drive Bay Order when Swapping Drive Packs?

Just a quick question regarding several drobo units…

With some of our Drive Units, we swap out drive packs for different Data Storage Demands: Is it important to place the drives in the same order when replacing a particular drive pack.

For Example: with our Drobo Pro 8 or Drobo 5D, due to unique data demands for various data clients (sources), we use several unique group packs for each device when we are required to do so.

If we arrange and itemize and label a group of hard drives (HD), for instance, Drive Pack A as AHD01, AHD02, AHD03, AHD04, and AHD05 and another pack set, I will refer to as Drive Pack B with the following 5 drives: BHD01, BHD02, BHD03, BHD04, and BHD05.

When we place one set or the other back into the Drobo Unit, does it matter what order we return the drives in when inserting into the 5 bays? The reason we ask this: We have been replacing the drives in the same order and have had no problems, but due to a problems we have experienced in the COVID19 crisis, some of our Drive Packs were not labeled correctly, and we are not confident of the correct drive order of some of the Drive Packs.
Same Question for my Drobo Pro 8 Bay Device?

We also have experienced the damage on one of our 5 group Disk Packs, We have referred to as Drive Pack G, so that of the 5 drives, only 4 are now viable (intact), so we cannot use one of the individual drives, and would We simply replace the remaining 4 drives and replace the damaged drive with a new drive and have the devices rebuild the new replacement drive? The same concern is relevant here: do we need to replace the drives in the same bay order that they were removed from?

Because in this case, we cannot determine the correct order with 100% confidence, and the drive containers we used to store the drive Packs have been damaged in a fire. We are able to inspect the drives with a Software program we use to analyze drives: a Hex Drive veiwer; see attachment below.

Is there something in the hex code that will help us decide which order to replace the drives, if indeed, the correct drive order is required for proper device functioning? Below is a screen shot of the hex data collected when we view a single drive with our drive analysis software…

When swapping drive packs, it is not necessary for the drives to be in their original order, but they all must be present of course!