Couple ?s about the original Drobo.

I purchased the original Drobo a couple years ago along with the droboshare network device. At the time that it was setup I loaded it with 4 1TB drives and hooked it up to my router that lives in a separate room from from my computer. So I’ve always only accessed the drive over my network and never had any issues
Yesterday I decided to do a major backup on one of my other computers and needed to transfer about 100GB to the Drobo. This was going to take quite a while across the network so I decided to disconnect the Drobo from the network and plug it in directly with Firewire 800 for the transfer. Unfortunately when I unplugged it from the network and re-attached it FW800 it only showed up as having about 100MB of data on the device. I immediately panicked thinking that I had lost the 700GB of data that I had stored on the drobo. But as soon as I reconnected it to the network and rebooted it, all of my 700GB of data showed up.

So my question is: Can I not switch between network attached and direct FW800 attached?

My other question has to do with the fact that my drobo shows up as 2 separate drives or partitions, each approx 2TB though I know it’s not really that big because of the redundancy space required. The original setup was done on a 32bit WinXP system and I’m now running a 64bit Win 7 system. I think that has something to do with it from what I’ve found searching here and on the net.

So my second question is: Is it possible to make it appear as a single drive without losing all of the data that’s on board?

Thanks ahead of time for the help.

System info: Win7 64bit
Drobo info: dashboard 1.7.3
Drobo firmware: 1.3.7
Share firmware: 1.1.2

question 1 ) yes you can. i’d recommend plugging it into your computer using USB (which is the safest/default option )and running scan disk on both of your volumes.

q2) no, you would have to wipe it to make larger volumes

Thanks for the answers. I’ll give scandisk a run tomorrow.