Couple of issues


I have a couple of issues with a Drobo 800fs.

  1. The drobo is connected via ethernet cable direclty onto the computer. Speed is very very slow to the point where it almost unusable.

  2. The drobo is loaded with 6 x 4GB and 2 x 5GB.

Dashboard shows 8.9 TB of available space while finder shows 300 MB.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


hi ben,
can you have a look in dashboard when you get a moment, to see how much used space (and free space is being shown, in TB and in percentages?)

also, if you have a look at the main unit itself, how many blue led lights are showing up as lit?[hr]
and does drobo dashboard show any warning or errors for the drives at all, or does it report itself with all solid (not blinking) drive bay lights, ideally green?

Hi Paul,

Tks for looking into this ;o)

Free space is 8.9TB (36%)
Used space is 15.97TB (64%)

There is 6 blue lights lit up and nothing flashing.

Hope this helps

thanks for the info ben,
it is good that nothing is flashing, and usually, some slowdown can take place when the used space reaches about 85% and then around the 95% mark.

in your case though, can you remember if any files had recently been changed on the drobo, or a bunch of files deleted?
(if so, there can be a bit of reshuffling or optimising of data, and also some background space reclamation, which can slow things for a bit until it settles down)

can i check how long has it been since things started to be very slow (and what sort of speed is very slow?)
and also when was the last time it was working at a speed that was ok for you?
(no worries about a double post) :slight_smile:

a few other things could also be a cause, for example:

  • maybe the cable has had an issue, and that a different network cable could work?
  • maybe some new filewall or antivirus software (or an update to the settings) has cause it to scan all network files more agressively? (you could try disconnecting frm the internet, and then disabling those to see if makes a difference?)
  • also if you look in task manager (for windows) and see the idle time counter, if that is quite high and your computer has a large uptime, then maybe a reboot of your computer (after safely using dashboard to shut down the drobo) could help.
  • also, if you have a look in dashboard (if is has this feature), are there any tabs you can see if you click on a drive slot to see the status of the drives, in case a drive is showing any warning or healed values? - if so, it could be a drive that is having some problems, but which are not yet bad enough to cause it to fail)

Sorry I have a new issue that I can hopefully solve before going back to this thread :confused: