Correct Size Reporting in Vista

Hi Everyone,
I have a problem with my drobo-pro, I set the drobo to give me 4 TB on each drive. I have 5.5 TB of hardDisks installed, so I do Have the capacity. Vista reports the drobo as only a 2 TB HD. I understand that Vista only reports up to 2 TB.
I was willing to ignore the problem since the dashboard correctly gives me the right capacity, but I was unable to copy anything on to the drobo above the 2 TB!!
I found something about reporting the right capacity on Vista in the support page on I downloaded something called the capacity daemon. when un-rared I found a read me file that says how to install but needs something called the Transport files, which did not come with capacity daemon and I cannot find it anywhere.
First of all, should it be that difficult to properly install a drobo-pro to have more than 2 TB volumes?
Second where can I get the Transport files.
Third, is there an easier way of doing this?

I appreciate any replies.

Vista can see volume sizes up to 16TB.
Only XP and Windows 2000 Sever has the size limitation.

If you are on dashboard 1.5.1, when you open it up, under the pie chart, what does it say for Maximum Capacity?

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your reply,
It says 4 TB, but in the “my computer” window it only reports 2 TB. So when I try to copy anything that would exceed the 2TB it does not allow it.