Copying Drobo to Drobo via Switch - 10 MB/S

I have two Drobo Pros connected via a Gigabit Switch. I’m only getting transfer speed of 10 MB/S as I try to back up on onto the other.

Is it supposed to be this slow or can I get it faster?

it should be a lot lot faster than that

unfortunately im not much of a networking whizz, hopefully bhiga will come along soon and fix it for you :smiley:

Here I am, though I’m not sure how much I have to offer. :slight_smile:

If you can detail all the devices in the chain (there must be a computer in between, for example), then I can get a better read on this.

Also, check your gigabit switch and ensure that the lights for the ports the DroboPros and computer are using show Gigabit speed. A bad GigE cable will most times make the switch fall back to 100 Mbps, which will yield max 12.5MB/sec transfer.

Thanks guys, it looks like the cables were the problem. I was using CAT 5 cables. Switched to CAT 6 cables and my speed is upto 65 MB/S.

For others with the same problem - just switching the cables did it for me.


glad to help! (even tho i didnt)

:slight_smile: Good to hear it’s sorted. I had this trouble a while ago. Not all Cat5-compliant cables are good enough for Gigabit speed, especially after I put new heads on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it really the new CAT6 v. CAT5 cables?
In my experience, it could be simply the connectors weren’t right. By changing out the cables, you removed and re-inserted the cabling connectors back together. If you only had not changed your cables, just disconnected and then reconnected them, you might see this problem improved.
If you were curious, you could see if swapping back to the original cables degrades your system speed or if it stays at the current speed.
On the other hand, if it is working well now, why mess with it? :slight_smile:

@yoyoma…it depends. “Cat 5” cable runs the gamut from top quality to mneh. It was designed to support speeds up to 100Mbit/sec. Good quality cat 5 will support GigE but cat 6 is certified to do so. Loose connectors would cause the link to flap. I’ve never heard of a loose fitting Ethernet (wire) cable causing poor throughput.

it is probably possible but unlikely, the margin between “working” and “not working” is narrow, but in that gap you could probably find “working but with lots of noise” i.e. slow speeds

I understand and agree with you about the quality of the cables, but I was more suggesting (for the sake of argument) that the RJ45 conectors sometimes are not mated 100%. *
Errors on the T1 sometimes are eaily resolved by jacking out/jacking in the circuit. In working with a lot of T1 transport, I have occasionally found a missing or broken tip or ring, of either the Tx/Rx pair. The T1 is still functional but has more CRC errors. The T1 speed is still 1.544MHZ, but throughput decreases due to the errors.

*I often see many suggestions to get a better cable, or that someone claims they got a new cable and it fixed their problem. I don’t have alot of money, and most commercial cables are over-priced. I always try the cheaper solution.

@yoyoma…sorry, I was thinking you meant that the connector wasn’t plugged into the switch fully. Yes if the connector isn’t attached to the wire strange things™ may happen.