Convert volume to 128TB?

I recently upgraded the Mac mini that drives my TV. Currently I have my old Drobo 5D connected via Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 1 via an adapter (I originally tried USB 3, but any I/O on the Drobo caused mouse movements to stutter, which was extremely aggravating).

I’m considering getting the 8D (dad wants my old 5D). I understand I can take the drives from the 5D and put them into the 8D (powered down when doing this, of course) and it should work. My 5D is set up with one 64 TB HFS+ volume named Drobo (just the one volume, I’m not using it for Time Machine).

What I would like to do is convert the volume to the new 128 TB size. I suspect that’s not directly supported, but based on this “The 8D allows the creation of up to 16 volumes” I’m wondering if this would work once the drives are in the 8D:

  1. Rename volume Drobo to Drobo64
  2. Create new 128 TB volume Drobo
  3. Move data from Drobo64 to Drobo (copy a folder at a time, delete folder after it’s copied over before starting the next copy)
  4. Delete volume Drobo64

I’d need to buy an extra drive to make sure I have enough buffer space during #3, but would need to buy even more drives if I have to first set up a 128 TB volume on the 8D, then migrated the data over from the 5D.

Out of curiosity, what would be the advantage of such a huge volume? Are you currently near full with the 64 TB volume and require additional space? I have just purchased an 8D, but don’t fully understand all the operational aspects yet. Even with 8 x 16TB drives, you would not physically have enough storage to support filling up a 128TB volume (and then what happens?) Is it just planning for the next generation drives (greater than 16TB presumably)?

Don’t need 128TB worth of drives, would be useful as soon as you exceed 64TB, which would occur with a mixture of 10TB and 12TB drives (or all 12TB drives if using Dual Disk Redundancy).

Also planning ahead - I currently have 23 TB of data on it, would be easier to do something now rather than when it’s closer to 64TB.

I have the 8D now, and since asking about this I learned my OTA DVR software has the ability to use multiple drives. It currently has 16.7TB of data, so I’m now thinking to just create a 128TB volume and have the DVR use it for new recordings. I usually delete shows/movies after watching them, so over time that would free up space on the 64TB volume for iTunes - it currently uses 5.6TB to hold purchased content, as well as ripped DVD & Blu-ray, so should be able to comfortably live with 64TB all to itself for quite some time.

I think he wants to increase his volume capacity from 64 to 128 TB - unfortunately, there’s no way to do it via software.

I ended up backing everything up to a Synology Diskstation 1817+, reformatting my disk pack to 128 TB, and restoring it - a lengthy operation.

I ended up leaving the 64TB volume as is, and created a second volume that’s 128TB in size. The 64TB volume holds iTunes and old DVR recordings, while the new 128TB volume holds new DVR recordings. As I watch the recordings I delete them, freeing up the space.

At the moment my volumes are:

  • Drobo, 64TB, of which 21TB is used - so down 2TB from August.
  • DVR, 128TB, of which 1TB is used.