Convert tar to tgz?

How do i convert a tar file to tgz on a mac?

Just want to thank all of the 77 people that viewed my question and kept it moving. Winners…

Ah, sarcasm and insults, always the best way to get help on the internet.

But here, I’ll take pity on you. The following link should provide everything you need:

But if you still need help after that, I suggest you follow these steps:

Good luck!

See, your exactly whats wrong around here. Im obviously a noob. I’ve obviously used searched high and low for answers but to no avail. Like i said. Thank you.

Thank you for insulting me instead of taking that same effort and helping. You sir are a real winner. You beat me at life.[hr]
Let me re-phrase my question so that i don’t get bullied and laughed at by the “kid in the know”.

Does anyone know how to convert a .tar file to .tgz for FREE on a mac? I know its crazy. Im a normal guy that owns a Drobo with 0 programming experience.

Are you trying to install downloaded .tgz files on your Drobo? If you’re using Safari (the built in browser), then it’s automatically extracting it for you into a .tar file and, as you’ve found, isn’t what Drobo needs.

You can either: a) Recover the originally download .tgz file from your Trash, b) disable “Open safe files after downloading” in Safari preferences, or c) use another browser.

Thank you very much. That is definitely good to know.

hi, cool if you found out what you needed.

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