Controller Battery - Failed

Running Dashboard it tells me that the Controller Battery has failed.
This is the second time this has happened but last time it was warranty and this time not.
What can I do to fix this?

I would recommend calling into to the support line and filing a case anyway. From what I understand, the controller card will need to be sent in, so that the repair depot can replace the battery on the controller card. If you are just out of warranty, I think they may let it slide and still let you RMA it. Definately file a case and see if they will allow you to send in the controller card for a quick fix.

Thanks and I will give that a try! Just don’t understand why it keeps happening hmmm.
Hopefully, they will have some answers and take care of it for me.

For anyone else looking for this in the future, there is a small Button battery on the controller. Much like a computer bios battery. Battery CR2032 On the controller card.

The cache battery is the larger one that gets recharged.