Constantly losing share mounts

I keep losing my mounting on reboot. When I bring the computer up, windows throws a message about not finding all of my network shares, and when I go into dashboard, all or some of them say ‘connecting’, but never actually connect. If I click on the checkbox, I get an error that says ‘Drobo Dashboard could not mount the selected share because the system resource is in use’. I then have to reboot and possibly run around manually disconnecting shares in order to reestablish the connection, which among other things screws up drobo copy, since all the drive letters end up being different.

I have the FS hooked directly into the computer (win7 64) for now, pending some upgrades to my local internet setup. But if it can’t even reconnect when it is physically linked, I am very worried about how it will act when it is physically in another room.

For the record, I’m getting this too. I will lose share connections, and if I try to recheck the box, it gives me the “resource in use” error. I have to reboot the computer to get them to reconnect. Win 7 64 as well.

Can you please open a support case.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to ever check that box in the dashboard to mount the share. I always get the “resource in use” error. I can manually go to finder and “connect as” and get at a share that way, though.

If you are able to get this to work via your support ticket, please let the rest of us know how to remedy it.


Reference #100510-000151

In response to the several people who have sent me messages, no, I have still not heard anything else about this issue.

Is your FS using static IP or DHCP-assigned?

At the moment, it is hooked directly into the back of the computer.

There is no point to my putting it on the network (which I share with my housemates who will not be getting access) without Oxygen cloud, since the other comps I want to connect to are all either laptops or in other physical locations. Not ot mention there is the password issue.

‘Drobo Dashboard could not mount the selected share because the system resource is in use’. This is a known issue and will be resolved in a future software/firmware release.