constant data dropouts during network transfers

When doing network transfers (possibly also local transfers but I haven’t noticed) today the drobopro frequently completely stops dead during mid transfer. This is happening with both read and write operations. It pauses with no throughput for a number of seconds (seemingly random) and then starts up again. It is not a network problem as other disks attached to the same server don’t have these issues – in fact a single FW400 drive that’s attached to the same server has literally more than double the throughput (even when the drobopro has completely dropped) and hasnt’ stuttered once in 3 years.

It’s really annoying as I can’t:

  1. listen to music – I moved my iTunes library over today and within a 5 minute long song I just experienced about 10 complete stops in music. Sometimes 1 second, sometimes up to 10 seconds of silence.
  2. Watch videos. Dropped frames all over the place. A couple of times it’s even crashed VLC and Quicktime because the source “went away”
  3. edit/playback video in final cut pro – it constantly loses frames or just plain stops in mid playback

I’m running the latest version of firmware and dashboard as of yesterday. My drobopro is connected via FW800 (because iSCSI doesn’t work on OSX 10.5.8 PPC, instant kernel panic). It’s not under heavy load, there are 2 write operations happening (from the same machine over the network). Getting a sum total of 10-15MB/second combined on these operations (one is a straight file copy, other is a CCC disk clone).

Also just dragging a single tiny file (< 1 MB) into a folder it pauses my machine enough to give me a spinning beachball for a couple of seconds before it copies. This machine is NOT out of resources – it’s an 8-core Mac Pro w/16G of ram + 4 raided SATA drives. This only happens when copying to the drobopro.

Is anyone else here seeing similar issues?

P.S. It’s been over 24 hours since I initiated my first support request, no response back from Drobo as of yet aside from the initial automated email. I’ll have to initiate a couple more after today’s mess apparently, sigh. For a product with “pro” in the name it’s feeling anything but at this point. I have to say that so far I’m extremely disappointed in this product and hoping that things get better from here. I’ve committed to reviewing this hardware for a couple of largish websites (one really large one for pro photographers) and at this point in the game it’s getting a miserably failing grade! Do I have a defective unit here?

How is your droboPro configured? How many drives & what capacity? DDR enabled? The LEDs patterns? I didn’t know OSX 10.5.8 PPC doesn’t support iSCSI! Are U aware of any 3rd-party iSCSI drivers out there that will work? I’m getting my droboPro this week, hopefully today. Could hardly wait to get my hands on it. My experience w/ Drobo support has been very positive. They always get back to me within 24 hrs.

Gerk, welcome to my world. I’m very glad to know that someone else with a maxed-out Mac Pro (albeit a PPC) is experiencing these kinds of problems. As far as I know (and I would be happy to be corrected), you and I are the only ones on this list who are running a RAIDed set of drives on a Mac Pro (RAID 0 in my case – how about you?).

I’m hopeful that this very serious performance problem can be resolved. I haven’t entered a Tech Support request yet, as I’ve been assuming that with the new forum DRI was actively monitoring the messages for these kinds of problems, but perhaps I should.

In the meantime, there are at least two other threads on this subject – DroboPro Performance, and OSX - DroboPro iSCSI problematic, and I’d like to suggest that we close off this thread and post to one of the other two.

I would, however, be interested to learn whether this is strictly a Mac related problem, in which case it MIGHT be due to the iSCSI initiator within Drobo Dashboard, or whether it is also impacting various flavors of Windows.

Suite B: Shall we start another thread on SyncBackPro? I’m very interested in this product. Currently, we are using ABR (Acronis Backup Recovery) 10 but the features & price of this UK-based company is irresistable. Very much like a drobo & droboPro! Would love to hear ur input abt this seemingly powerful & very affordable backup/restore solution. The spec says it even does Open/locked files. TIA

@suite b:
The problem is certainly not the iSCSI initiator for my problem (I can’t use it on PPC at this point in time). Take things up with support, this is a community support forum after all … I was more curious if anyone was having the same dropout issues as me (across a network).

My workstation is a Mac Pro (Intel, all mac pro’s have been intel), but my drobopro is attached to a dual G5 2.0 Xserve (6G ram/250G drive). I’ve tried the Xserve both multi-homed and using a single interface and neither made a difference in the dropouts and they only happen with the drobopro. Last thing to test is that once all the remaining data is off my other drives is to run nothing else on the FW800 bus (not an option currently).

My workstation RAID setup is 2x500G drives as RAID1/mirrored (boot/applications) and 2x1TB drives as RAID0/striped (work space). I have 5 screens on this puppy :slight_smile: (1x30,2x23,2x17)

8 x 1.5TB 7200.11 Seagates
FW800 connected
LED’s and everything are normal, at about 30% capacity right now, dual redundant drive selected.

I’m not sure if/how any 3rd party iSCSI initiators might work (there seem to be a couple available nowadays) but if I hear back from support on that I’ll add it to the thread here.