Considering other options...

I’ve been running a home NAS for years now, a ReadyNAS NV+. It’s beginning to be a bit dated, plus I’m wanting to set myself up with a backup plan and the NV’s USB 2.0 port won’t really cut it.

While I could just go with a newer NetGear ReadyNAS solution, I’ve read about other solutions like Drobo, Synology, etc. I had a few questions.

  1. Any previous ReadyNAS owners want to comment about how they compare Drobo to ReadyNAS? How easy was the transition for you? Is there any functionality ReadyNAS had that Drobo doesn’t that you miss? Are you happy with Drobo?

  2. My current setup is a 4-bay NV+ with 3 bays full (3 x 1.5TB) which is about 70% full. It’s on a gigabit switch network providing network storage to 3 Windows and 2 Mac computers. Each family member has their own share for document storage, but the largest chunk of the NAS is used for media, housing our music, tv and movie collection. Movies and tv are presented via a Mac mini (1 of the 2 Macs) running Plex. Could someone suggest what a comparable Drobo model would be to at least duplicate that functionality?

  3. ReadyNAS touts their X-RAID as a superior RAID system, being able to expand the system and swap out defective drives while still serving files. Does Drobo have something similar? How does it differ from X-RAID?

  4. Has anyone had experience with a drive failure? How did the Drobo perform, and what was your outcome? I’ve gone through 2 drive failures on my NV+ and in both cases, after about a day of syncing, I was back up and running with no data lost, having to do nothing more than replace the drive.

Thanks for all the responses in advance! I know I’m asking a lot, but I feel I really lucked out picking the NV+ many, many years ago and am wanting to replace it with an NAS that’s going to be as dependable and hopefully will last as long as my current NAS has.


Hi wootcat,

I’m not a ReadyNAS user so I cannot comment on the transition etc.

In regards to Drobo Rebuilds, I have gone through two data rebuilds with the Drobo Gen1 I had. Neither of these were due to a drive failure directly, but due to the Seagate Firmware Issue from a number of years ago where my entire Disk Pack were from the affected model and I decided to pre-emptively replace half the disk pack with other drives so I wouldn’t potentially loose the lot.

As I recall the Data would have been 1.5TB stored on the 4 Disk Pack (Single Disk redundancy only in those days). The Drobo rebuild for the first Disk was about 4 hours. Then the rebuild of the second was about 45min.