Connectivity issues after power outtage

I have a 4 year old S with 4-4TB WD red drives and 1-3TB green drive, connected via firewire to an mid 2011 27’’ iMac (running 10.9.5). (I did recently upgrade to a SSD drive (SanDisk 480 Extreme Pro)

A few weeks back, while out on assignment, our power went out. I have a battery back-up, but we were out long enough for that system to go down and thus I had a hard shutdown of the drive and the rest of the system.

Since, on now three occasions I have had issues transferring files to the drive. Each time you can see the drive mounted on the desktop, but the status bars never move beyond the initial indication of the transfer. Trying to stop the transfer doesn’t work and when I launch the Dashboard (2.1.5) it will show the Drobo and says all is well, but if I try and do anything it basically while still showing on the desktop, show in the dashboard that it doesn’t see the device).

The only way I know to get out of the situation and remount the drive is to turn off and back on again. Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue would be great. Am I on the verge of a device failure? Drive failure? Bad cable? Internal issue with the mac? Curious. Thanks! Shaun

What is showing up in the logs? Open the Mac Console app and see what it says.

cat2devnull, I’ll take a peak, never played in console before. More as I know it! Thanks! Shaun[hr]
A whole string of messages like this.

12/2/14 3:22:34.000 PM kernel[0]: Sandbox: mdworker(34523) deny file-read-xattr /Volumes/Drobo A/UC_Anchor (original)
12/2/14 2:59:03.325 PM fseventsd[48]: disk logger: failed to open output file /Volumes/Drobo A/.fseventsd/00000000017ba6e9 (No such file or directory). mount point /Volumes/Drobo A/.fseventsd
12/2/14 3:01:03.114 PM fseventsd[48]: event logs in /Volumes/Drobo A/.fseventsd out of sync with volume. destroying old logs. (86906 1 963476)

So it looks like the journal files are out of sync with the rest of the file system. That shouldn’t happen. Stupid question but have you unmounted the disk and run a partition verify over it. That should clean up the issue. Then when you remount it should create a fresh set of fsevent files.

Here is some background reading:

If they keep getting out of sync then something is either removing or preventing the log files from being created. Just for debugging purposes, can you switch from firewire to USB and see if the problem persists.

Thanks for the feedback and links. I’ll look it over and see what I can accomplish. I know a few years ago, I ran Disk Warrior on it to clean up some issues, but it’s been so long (back when support was offered). I’ll let you know what happens! Thanks again! Shaun.