Connecting Drobo 5n2 to new llaptop

I have a 5n2 that I use wirelessly on my Windows 11 laptop. Dashboard sees it and I am logged in, but when I open a folder to transfer files, I do not see it (I can see it on my old laptop both dashboard and files). I am sure there are instructions here but I did not see (maybe wrong search words).

Note… When I pug in the Ethernet, it does not see it either.

How do I get my new laptop to see my 5n2 so I can back up/transfer my files?


Hello there!

Since you can see your Drobo in Dashboard, are you able to access the “Shares” section? You can mount your shares from there, and they should mount as drive letters in Windows. Ex:

Good luck!



TY for the reply Dom. After many attempts and many many restarts, it somehow, “magically” recognized it. I don’t know what I did differently, but I can see it wirelessly now.

I’m glad it all worked out!