I’m afraid so much is going on here, I don’t how to parse the problem. Perhaps someone in the community can be of help in breaking this down.

I have a 2nd generation device (I think). Sticker on device says Model DR04D-D. 4 bays. I regularly use the device for backing up my laptop, but not much else. Yesterday when I plugged in the USB cable to make the backup, the front light showed the top 3 green, and no light on the bottom bay. Then, the top 3 began flashing green-orange. This morning, no lights were on, except the power light. I unplugged the USB cable, and then the power cable. When I plugged back in, the top drive was lit red, the middle two green, and no light on the bottom bay. A few minutes ago, all lights are red, with the 2nd down fro the top flashing red.

Each bay has a different capacity drive in it (2-1TB; 1-2TB; 1-500GB); all 4 bays are filled.

The Drobo Dashboard cannot “see” the device.

What’s different than the last time I accessed the device (about a week ago):: I connected a different USB cable – I actually have tried 2 new ones. Also, I just installed a Lima device on my network, but that is not physically connected to the Drobo.

This is so different than anything I’ve encountered before, I don’t know what to think. It’s really not possible that all 4 drives have failed. I’d sure like some advice.

Firmware Version Not Sure
Software Version 2.1.2
Operating System Mac OS 10.12
Connection USB
US / Canada

Thanks for any help.

hi allendenver,
if your 4-slot drobo has a usb and a firewire socket, then it sounds like the Gen2, for example here:
(i think the -D stands for Dual connection)

if i understood correctly, it sounds like you had 4 drives in your drobo, 1TB + 1TB + 2TB + 0.5TB
an initially, the bottom drive was not found,
but the 1st 3 drives seemed to do a rebuild (with flashing yellow and green lights)

but then the next day it looked off…

usually, a rebuild takes about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on it…
while a fully used drobo in your case might be just over 2 days, (if you had less data then its ‘possible’ that the rebuild could have finished by the next day)

im not sure what the lima device does, though with what you describe afterwards, it might be worth trying the following if you can…

  • to shutdown the computer, and to then ubplug the usb cable from the drobo

  • and if the drobo does not go into standby mode after say 5 minutes (and if it does not look like it is doing anything), to power it off and unplug the power cable too.

  • to then remove all of your diskpack drives, (remembering the order for later)

  • and to power up the empty drobo
    (does it seem to power up and then show the top bay red or go into standby mode?)

  • either way, to then power up the computer and dashboard

  • and to connect the empty drobo and computer via the usb cable
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and become recognised by dashboard as being empty?)

Important: if dashboard starts asking you to put drives in, please STOP here.

this means that your drobo hardware/chassis) seems to be working

  • Please then use dashboard to shutdown your drobo or put your drobo into standby mode
  • and then to unplug the usb cable from drobo
  • and then to power off the drobo from the mains and unplugging the power cable from drobo too.
  • then, with power all OFF on the drobo and cables unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back into where they were before.
  • to then power up the unconnected drobo
    (what happens now… does the drobo boot up with its boot sequence with blue led lights filling up from 1 through to 10, usually from right to left, and then does the drobo go into standby mode?)

(in case it seems to hang during these blue led lights, please do allow plenty of time here)

then, if you can try connecting the usb cable again, does the drobo wake up shortly after, and become recognised by dashboard and the computer?
(what does drobo do, and dashboard or drobo lights show now?)

(general note: you may already be aware, though just to mention that Diskpack drives should only be removed, or inserted, in their entirety, and only with all power Off and all cables unplugged.)

Thanks – some of the procedures have already been accomplished. I’ll try the rest and post the outcome.[hr]
Thanks – some of the procedures have already been accomplished. I’ll try the rest and post the outcome.

ok thanks allan, fingers crossed things go ok

I followed your instructions to power down and discconect cables etc. Put back in the drives when all power was off and cables disconnected. In the meantime I had downloaded and installed that latest Dashboard version.

Status at the moment:: When I repowered the unit, it went through a pretty standard sequence – blue light (all 10) loading from the right, etc. After that I have the top drive red, the 2nd and 3rd drives green, the bottom drive with no light. The unit went into standby mode; plugged in the USB cable. Drives came back with the same lights as mentioned above; all 10 blue lights are lit; I have 2 green lights in the upper display; and I hear drive noise.

Over the last couple of minutes, the drive indicated it has detected new drives, and now all 4 bays are flashing orange and green, which I believe means it the device is in rebuild stage. As you indicated, this will take some time. Will let you know how it comes out.

Thanks again for your instructions.

Thanks Paul. Got the device back into operational form yesterday. It took a good bit of time for the drives to rebuild, and after a number of restarts, the drives (partitions) all showed up as they have in the past. Thanks for all the helpful instructions.

ah many thanks allan, thats great news indeed, :slight_smile:
now i can enjoy a nice cup of tea and 2 biscuits (one for me, and since am in the uk, not to worry, i eat the 2nd one of your behalf lol) :smiley:

Ahh – enjoy the tea & biscuits. Right now, while waiting for a backup to complete, I’m watching Two Men in Blazers trying to give a rose to Rebecca Lowe – dreamers! I enjoyed watching Swansea beat last year’s champ Leicester on Saturday. Carry on – and thanks again.