Confirming max volume size under Drobo 5N

I just wanted to find out what my Drobo’s current Max volume size is. I have a Firmware that should be new enough ( 4.2.1-8.123.114095 ) to support 64 TB vs 16 TB.

I’ve had it for a few years but do not believe I have ever done a firmware reset to increase the max size. Old posts seem to imply that my old 5N may have started at 16TB and require an update. Is there any place in the Dashboard where I can verify what Max size I am currently running at?

I’ve checked every page and didn’t see anything. Now under MacOS 10.15 my Mac Finder window says that I have 62 TB Available. Is this an accurate value? Either way I think this should be displayed on the Dashboard-Drive info page.

I figure I’ve just done a full volume backup and if I need to do a volume reset to get over 16 TB now would be the time to do it.


On the Drobo Dashboard, you will see a ‘Status’ option. It will show the volumes created on your Drobo, which should confirm whether you have 16TB Volume(s) or not.

I don’t see a field with that info and my total is not over 16 TB yet so that won’t say. I wanted to figure out if I had to reformat first before I get another 8 TB added.

Can you screenshot your Capacity piechart?

Sure thing. I’m including both pie chart and line

Thanks for this. Still a bit of a mystery!

The Reserved for Expansion is the impact of the 8TB you have installed, and would be reallocated to become usable when you add your another 8TB. So unless you are noticing more than one Drobo volume on your network, it suggests to me that it is already set at a volume greater than 16TB in size. What it is set at, is however not clear.

I’m left with a suggestion. As you have run this 5N for a number of years, there is some benefit in undertaking a full reset and verify a new 64TB volume, if only to clean-up (replace) the directory on the Drobo, which can become corrupted over time.

Not sure that there is another way to determine this.

As you mention, since it’s been a while, a clean rebuild might not be a bad idea even if not needed to do 64 TB.

It’s just that since the old 5N only has a single ethernet port (no USB3) a full download or upload takes a while. DL was 18 hours. And the upload will be the transfer time time + rebuild.

I’ll need to find a window where I won’t miss anything important on my DVR. Since my last exercise had this thing pretending to rebuild(and no access) for 20 days before I powered it off, I’m a bit gun-shy.

They can hide it behind an advanced tab if they want to keep the “Black Box” mystic, but it should be available someplace.

But thanks for trying.

It’s actually the volumes list @TwinTiger wanted, I suspect they misspoke.
the extreme right hand column will show “Max Capacity” for those defined.

If, like mine it says 16 TB for any not labelled “Backup” under the File System column it’s still using the 16 TB scheme, if it says 64 TB you should be set to simply continue, the capacity on the Backup volume is arbitrary so could be 16 TB if you set it to that.

I’m guessing that you are on Windows? I’m on Mac

My dashboard doesn’t have an entry labeled Volumes in the left column. I only have one Drobo, but see where there could be a list of Drobo and “Shares” which is probably the Mac equivalent of volumes. That just shows and Mount status.

If you are on Windows maybe I should just install the Windows Dashboard under a virtual Machine since it sounds like it may actually exist there

I’m using a direct attached box (5C) not one of the NAS units, that probably explains the interface differences. I was probably not really alert & missed the distinction & that you stated 5N in your original post. My apologies. Yes I am on Windows though.

no problem, all info helps me decide what to do next.

I have installed the Dashboard on Windows under a VM. I do now see see the Volumes entry you mentioned (and no Shares, so looks to be the equivalent). Of course now I have to figure how to at least access the Drobo under the VM. Won’t be able to see the volumes/shares content since in Mac format but hopefully it can give me volume size.

Sadly the deeper I dig the more disappointed I get with their product.

I found this old link that says 8T is supported

I also found this for each model