Confirmation of Configuration

Hey all / Jennifer.

If I formatt my drobo and make it a single 16tb. Then partiton that with disk utility making two 8tb volumes, one 8tb for media (large enough to fill over time, I only have 800gb atm) then the other 8tb cut that up into one 4tb and four 1tb partitions so I can do my ‘superduper’ backups…

Will the droboshare be able to see and mount these volumes ?

8tb - media
8tb - 4tb
- 1tb
- 1tb
- 1tb
- 1tb


Yes, droboshare does not see partitions smaller than 1TB.

So I can make 6 volumes like I have described above and it will work ?

It should.

Thanks Jennifer, you have been very helpful !

so it seems drobo ( not connected via droboshare ) cant handle 6 volumes. Ive made 5 volumes before, but ive tried to make 6 volumes and disk utility has been stuff like this for 8 hours. So i restarted the drobo and tried again, but it just wont work…any help ?

wait…that says 17.59tb not 16tb…


Remember that in Snow Leopard, Apple started defining 1 TB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.
Aside from TiVo’s web interface and storage manufacturers, everyone else measures 1 TB = 1,073,741,824 bytes, which techincally in SI units is 16 TiB.

17,592,186,044,416 bytes = 16 TiB = 16 TB (IEC units - Apple and TiVo)

Because of the change, you can have a file that says it’s 16 TB on one OS, and 17.59 TB in another, as you see…