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You BE?Old woman ray ban sunglasses online a pair of eyes that are fond of Mang deeply sink at crease in.
Now, four Niangs saw chimney smoke again, with memory of look exactly alike.
Four Niangs sit by the side of the fuel and cover up bottom, simultaneously wipe drive smoke Xun the tears of, part Chuai mouth, blow to catch fire star son.The fuel coaxs ground one to set alight and reflect redly brightly her face.
sister, you must be my elder sister!Remain son to step cheap ray ban sunglasses up, hold tight the hand of old woman, excitedly say.
You really remain son, What a my younger brother!Four Tao Niangs weep aloud.
4 smiles and raises head, every where in conjecture some kind of, say, younger brother ah, see your condition ray ban sunglasses outlet also quite good, how still burn this?
House the inside was full of a very thick smoke, Xun get the person can not open eyes.
Remaining the house of son is the 2 F, Block 1 brick building.
Remain son to rub to begin,
Owner in the village all arrived at a village, airtight full circle full circle very big one.Four Niangs wiped pair of tears, is hugged Cu by a salute with very hot sentence, walked in to remain the house of the son.
Elder sister, did you forget?In childhood, you loved most to see chimney smoke, as long as the Niang started a fire to cook a meal, you took me to the village and pointed at the chimney smoke of building, the body was also similar to the chimney smoke to keep twisting, also asked me not very good-looking.Elder sister, did you forget?Remain son to urgently and hotfoot say.
I am to remain son ah, elder sister!Remain son one hands flutter, the body of old woman also follows to flutter.
In the evening, remained son and four Niang whole families to have reunited rice together.Four Niangs say the husband of dying first.Then, and then spoke of father and mother, she was wiping off tears and calling names a trader and say if the dad take the medicine that she buys, can’t so early die.Say her sorry dad, sorry Niang, she wants to return to burn pillar to them joss-stick and atones for sin to them.A night, 4 says words, a short while cries, a short while smiles and is like the kid whom an is crazy to go crazy Dian Dian.Until the sky receives bright of time, four Niangs just measured to like a date ray ban sunglasses sale of return with family’s company.
On the second day, remained son to call son.Telephone inside, remain the son reported for son pleased, then make them put away home, saying four Niangs has to come back.Remained son to still repeatedly emphasize many times to the specially important matter son.After three days, remained son to accompany four Niangs to return to a small town of home town.On the small town, remain son and called son, asked to prepare must how, the son says to all get ready.
Four Niangs fully saw a hour.A twist of chimney smoke, a twist is discount ray ban sunglasses also a hour.In the wet eye dim moonlight, four Niangs imitated a Buddha to see his/her own hour the body of emaciation that twists along with the chimney smoke.
Elder sister, go out deeply well ventilated.Remained son to pull four Niangs to come out a surrounding of smoke.