Complete reset of DroboShare

I have downloaded Dropbear to enable SSH access to Droboshare. I have reasonable facility with Linux, but want to make sure that any changes I make to the busybox installation of Linux do not have harmful effects on the behviour of my Droboshare. (Like many I am trying to preserve file permissions and attempting to enable large file support under samba among other things).

Is there a way to completely reset the DroboShare to its factory settings the way it came out of the box? For instance, if I create new files or folders in the directory tree (on DroboShare itself, not the mounted drives!) those seem to be maintained no matter what. If i use the paperclip reset on the back of DroboShare it only resets the basic settings in the dashboard and if I try to manually update the firmware that doesn’t give me a fresh installation either (although some directories seem to have updated time stamps). In both cases the files and directories that I manually created remain. I know I can easily delete these, but I am just using these to illustrate the point that the DroboShare isn’t completely reset. It seems like there should be a way to revert to a mint fresh busybox installation. I mean it had to get on there in the first place.

There is no way to restore the internal core of the DroboShare if it has been edited. Pin resets will only default the settings (as you have observed). Editing the internal core would also void your warranty.