Complete Reset of Drobo 5N

Hi folks. I have a Drobo 5N I need to reset.

The thing is completely deaf, and I am hoping there’s a way to get it back to scratch with some temp drives I have kicking around.

Is this possible? I’m all ears. Hopefully I can do something with this item.

UPDATE: Actually, it would be nice to have a list of possible tests for troubleshooting a 5N. There’s one way in and that’s the Ethernet port.


Have you tried the pin reset near the power switch?

Yes. Many times. The nic simply won’t respond.

Assuming all the rest seems to be working, it’s possible the NIC is just fried. I lost one on a motheboard from a close lightning hit. The board worked fine otherwise, and a PCI NIC got that back up and running just fine. Never been inside one, it MAY be possible to replace, depending on how the system is built.

Everything else looks fine, which is so very little. Can’t ssh into it obviously. I might open it up and try having a look. I’ve replaced the fan in it, so I’ve had it open. I doubt there’s much I can do to fix this. I might just put it on the market for those that can fix the thing. Nics are like $6. Hehe.