Cloud Backup for FS

I know we pretty much all had our minds set on something like Dropbox and Oxygen but since one is dragging their feet for the ARM build and other just dropped support like a bad habit what are our options?

I would really love to have and app run straight off the FS and not require a computer to be tethered for it to be backing up.

I asked support on this recently, they suggested having two drobopro FS, and they can back up from one to the other.
If the difference is just in the software installed, you could in theory find the same app for the drobo fs.

I’m sorry but how does having two Drobos in one place help in the event of loss?

Who said anything about one place?

I’m sorry I assumed. How would that work? Two Drobo FS. What software (on the Drobo) would I run that would automatically mirror the two?

That is great for the DroboPro FS (includes DroboSync) but that doesn’t help those of us with the DroboFS (pre-Drobo Sync)… :frowning:

Any options?

DroboSync is just a fancy UI on top of rsync. It takes a bit of work, but you could make your own solution with a combination of crontab + rsync + ssh. I have done something like that to sync my FS with a Linkstation device.

Ricardo, I am assuming that this isnt something that can be packaged for us untechnical guys out there?

Well, it is the kind of thing that is easy to solve for a specific case (i.e. someone’s specific backup needs) but kind of hard to package as a general purpose thing.

Bugger, new it wouldnt be as easy as that. I am assuming (not knowing the linkstation) that rSync would need to be running on the other machine as well?

Well, not really. If you use SSH as the transport mechanism, then you just need to have an SSH server on the receiving end. Rsync will then start an SSH session, and start rsync on the receiving side as needed. In other words, you need the app to be installed, but no configuration needed besides being able to reach the SSH server.