Cloud application

I love the Drobo 5N that I have with Five 4TB Drives (wished it were 6 - maybe soon). My question is, Western Digital keeps bombarding me with their storage (personal cloud), and I REALLY love that feature (that I can access my storage from an app on my Android, or iOS or Windows 8.1 PC. Does anyone know if there is such a thing for Drobo (with iOS and Android Apps as well as Windows apps) ?

hi, theres sort of a feature, with a Transporter,
but you would need to read up all about the diffferent models, Base unit, or SYnc model, and be 110% clear on what a Transporter folder does, and a Library does (in it’s terminology), to avoid any misunderstanding and potentially doing something to cause problems to the current setup that you love so much :slight_smile:

@Paul - many thanks for your reply. Sounds like there is no easy solution. Western Digital is selling a gazillion of these drives just on the basis of cloud access. After all, who does NOT want access to their data from their mobile or standard devices. And while cloud access (i.e. Microsoft’s OneDrive or Google’s Drive, etc…) are getting extremely reasonable - but some of us prefer not to have our data at 3rd parties, not to mention that some of us don’t like monthly subscriptions, it would KILL my Internet bandwidth to upload a 2 or 3 TB. Many of us have fast download speeds (20, 30 MBPS, etc…) but it is often the UPLOAD speed (1 to 2 MBPS most of the time) that is limiting to push our data to cloud vendors. Sure would be nice for Drobo to add that feature. Maybe some day. My apologies for the rant. I will get off the soap box now :-)[hr]

Pierre Kerbage -

its no rant at all :slight_smile:

have a look at the transporter range, because if you use it with a “Backup” of your data, then it might just meet your needs.

I’m new to Drobo, just purchased the b800i, and I figured that there MUST be a simple solution to access all the files on my Drobo. Having your own home based personal cloud seems to be the hottest thing in the market lately but unfortunately I’m learning that all those other manufactures may be ahead of Drobo? I hope that changes soon…the WD unit looks interesting.