Client-server Dashboard functionality

Hi guys,

I’ve used my Drobo S Gen. 2 directly connected via USB3.0 to my laptop previously. Yesterday, I got my Haswell-based Intel NUC (those things are amazing!) and created some kind of an über-NAS-on-steroids/Media Center PC/Virtualization server/you-name-it by attaching my Drobo to it via USB 3.0 and then accessing the NUC via Gigabit Ethernet. It works pretty much as I hoped to. There’s one tiny little minor detail, though. For whatever reason, I kind of hoped that multiple Drobo instances are designed to be able to talk to each other. In other words, I’ve installed the Dashboard on my NUC and it works a treat, obviously, but I thought that would be nice for the Dashboard instance I still have installed on my laptop to be able to ping the NUC-based one over the network and fetch my Drobo’s details as if it were a networked Drobo when on the same network. Sadly, it seems that’s not the case. I thought that would be nice, given the broadcast-based network discovery and management protocol is already there for the NAS Drobos.

What do you think? Am I the only one hoping for such functionality?