Clicking Hard Drive but Health shows as Good

Drobo Mini with 4x 1 tb and 128gb mSATA. Unit works well for the past year or so that I owned it, no complaint.

Now one of the drive is making that click of death sound hard drives make when it’s on its last leg. No problem, I bought a spare. Thing is, Dashboard shows Health being Good, clicking on each drive and it shows that Health is Good as well. Led all shows green, but every so often during access one of the drives is clicking.

So how good is the failure prediction of Drobo? Should I just keep letting it click until it finally dies and replace or should I try to pre-empt and determine which is bad? Plenty of very important data on the Drobo so I don’t want to take my chance in losing the entire thing.

hi maybe you can run a drobo diagnostics and pass it to support as they might be able to see how the drive is doing