Clear static ip from Drobo FS?

I set up my Drobo to use a static ip: but since a few days, I replaced my old router with a new one and that router’s base ip is something like 192.168.11.xx

The problem now is: I can’t access my drobo fs anymore since it is fixed on that ip. Is there any way to clear the static ip from the drobo dashboard?

Usually you can change the router base IP in the LAN settings.

Otherwise, you can just set a 192.168.2.x static IP on your PC, reconfigure the Drobo FS, then set your PC back to DHCP.

I gave up using static IPs on my network here. I get the MAC address of the equipment, then you can usually program your router to always hand the same IP address to that MAC address. This way you have sort of the best of both worlds, no configuration on the equipment and an IP address that doesn’t change. Might be worth setting up this way as you change over.

Amen to that. Much easier to handle all of your IP management on the router, if it’s at all possible. I actually bought a new router in part because it had that feature where my previous one did not. Probably one of the best things I did for managing my network.

+1 for DHCP Reservations! Though some routers like to be strict and won’t allow reservations outside of the defined pool. Then again, most people probably don’t try to make honeypots in their DHCP ranges, heh.

I could access my Drobo again by changing the base ip on my router, thanks all!
But I was wondering, what’s the difference between fixing the ip via the router setup or via drobo dashboard?

Using the router’s DHCP to provide a constant address is much easier to manage.
The next time you need to change routers or change address, you don’t have to do anything but make changes in the router.

It’s one place, and you don’t have to set static IP on your computer, etc.

How do I find the mac address of the DroboFS? I can’t find any entry in the dashboard.[hr]
ok, I got on my hands and knees, crawled under my desk, and found it on the bottom of the drobofs. Used the iPhone Camera and it’s flash.